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We all know that physical health is important and many of us as part of our job are required to undertake a First Aid qualification so that if someone were to be taken physically ill we would be able to do something to improve their chances of a positive outcome.  Slowly, slowly wider society is beginning to recognise that the same needs to be true of mental health.  Just like our physical health, anyone of us can become mentally unwell and as a Mental health First Aider you could be the person that offers support at the right time that helps them to improve the chances of a positive outcome.


Become a Mental Health First Aider 

As a Mental Health First Aider you will be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of someone who may be mentally poorly, support them in a time of potential crisis and talk through their next steps and available options, whether this be a self-help book, app or local mental health service.   


It is not about you being their counsellor, it is about being the person that can sit and listen, without judgement, to what they need to say.  You may be the first person that has offered them this space.  You can also be the person that helps to break that stigma that can still surround the topic of mental health within your work place or in your community.

Currently we only offer the Youth Mental health First Aid.  If your school, college or club would like to train the people working with the young people, or if they are 16 or above, the young people themselves then get in touch and we can arrange a date to run your course.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

January 11th and 12th
9am to 4pm
Forum House Chichester

If you work with young people then this course is as vital as taking a physical first aid course.  Book yourself into 2 days of activities and discussion around mental health and young people.  Explore ways to support a young person who may be mentally poorly or in crisis so that you can improve the chance of a positive outcome for them.

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